Luis Caro, Austin, TX
July 1, 2014

I was surprised by how quickly Nathan was able to come out and look at my water heater. He quickly troubleshooted the
problem, and had a replacement part on hand! I found the cost for his services to be very reasonable and well worth it. I will be
sure to call Nathan first for any issues that come up for my personal residence and rental properties. Thanks, Nathan!

Frank H, Austin, TX
May 12, 2014

Nathan's Plumbing came to install my water softener. Chris was the plumber that came out. He was extremely knowledgeable
and well prepared. I've never had a plumber come out prepared with parts on the truck already. Chris was very professional
and came out on short notice and on time. Will definitely use them again.

Laura D. Round Rock, TX
Jan 28, 2014

We have used Nathan's Plumbing for 10 years. Every time, they arrive quickly and the job is done efficiently
and with excellence. We HIGHLY recommend them! This last time, an apprentice came and he was wonderful
as well. Our work has ranged from finding a leak in a wall (burst pipe), to changing out our outdoor faucets, to
cleaning out clogs.

Alex J. Round Rock, TX
Jan 23, 2014

When it comes to home repairs I can usually take care of most of the routine things that I come across. After a
few hours of trying to figure out what happened to my hot water I had to break down and call the plumber.
Nathan's came out and it turned out that the pilot light on my water heater had gone out and within a few
minutes of being there my hot water was restored! I like that he got here fast and diagnosed the problem
quickly! Exactly what I'm looking for when dealing with a company.

Jane B. Austin, TX
Jan 20, 2014

Nathan is the best! We have used Nathan's Plumbing for multiple plumbing jobs in the past. Each time he has
been on time, reliable and friendly. Recently, I called him about a leak under my kitchen sink. I'm not well
versed on plumbing terms and have difficulty describing the specific parts, so I took several pictures of the
problem and emailed them to him. He responded promptly, with a good overall idea of the problem, knowing
the valve needing replacing and set up appointment that same day. He was able to pick up the correct parts
prior to coming to my house, which in turn, saved me any additional charges of running to the parts house.
During the service call, he needed a few more items that he had stored on his truck. That is awesome!!! I
have used plumbing companies in the past, who come to your house first to diagnose and then charge you to
run to the parts house, making this service call longer and more expensive. Not Nathan. His efficient kind of
plumbing service is money saving and high tech. Nathan, you have a customer for life!!

Chris R. Austin, TX
Jan 19, 2014

I used to live in an apartment complex that had a leak from the apartment above for most of the two years I
lived there. The management has sent in countless plumbers over and over again. Each one had his own
little theory and assured me that when they got done I could move my stuff into place without ever having to
worry about it again (I stopped falling for that one after the second time, shame on me I guess). I don't think
anyone of them even figured out for sure which apartment it was coming from. Until Nathan that is. I don't
know what secret magic tool he had in his bag or what kind of dance he had to do to appease the plumbing
Gods but whatever it was it was done in an hour and a half never to leak again (Still didn't move my stuff
under the former leak for 3 months, sorry I doubted you Nathan).
When my wife and I bought our house Nathan was the man we called to help us with our various issues.
Water softener, instantaneous hot water, fixed the plumbing in our laundry, taught us how to reset our
garbage disposal when we thought it was broken and did the plumbing upgrades on our bathroom remodel.
Just as much for his skills, Nathan is gonna be my forever plumber for his service. He always arrives within the
window he gives. He's always been within 45 minutes or so from when he says he'll be here, always returns
my calls, answers my questions and is patient with my utter lack of plumbing knowledge and believe him when
he tells me that he stands behind his work and that he'll take care of any problems should they arise (haven't
had to put his warranty to the test yet though, the stuff Nathan fixes seems to stay fixed).
A big thank you for all the work you've done for us Nathan.

Priscilla C. Round Rock, TX
Jan 17, 2014

We have called Nathan many times to help us out  and he has never disappointed us, he is very good at what
he does, down to earth kind of guy, and his prices are more then reasonable. He has changed our water
heater , helped us with faucets/piping issues and shared his knowledge on awesome " gadgets "to help us
save money .... In the end We're left with an awesome System, and a great plumber / friend on speed dial!..  
I recommend Nathan's PLUMBING to everyone! :)

Bradley H. Austin, TX
Jan 16, 2014

I am in the service business:  Law Office of Brad Houston.   You won't find a tougher customer than I am.   
Nathan's was recommended to me when my plumber was too busy and recommended Nathan's.
Both times I used Nathan's, they were prompt, did great work, and was very reasonably priced.   Call me if
want more information about the work they did.  Brad Houston, Attorney at Law.   512-473-2130

Chris M. Pflugerville, TX
Jan 15, 2014

we have called Nathan's plumbing 3 times i was pleased with them every time, they always give me straight
pricing before the job and stick to it. I recommend them to my closest friends. Finally found a Plumbing
company i can trust!

Jorge G. Austin, TX
Nov 25, 2013

Nathan was awesome. We had a problem with our washer drain being backed up and he was able to get out
the very next morning. He was very good about letting me know when he would show up and he showed up
right on time. He got to work right away and kept letting us know what was going on and where we were at on
price. We will definitely be using Nathan's Plumbing again if we ever have any other plumbing issues. Thanks.

C. N. Austin, TX
Nov 23, 2013

Nathan's Plumbing was recommended to me by my contractor. Nathan and his helper diagnosed and fixed a
long-standing problem with my kitchen sink in an hour. They were professional, reasonably priced, and quick.
I will keep him in my list of contacts.

Jere W. Round Rock, TX
Oct 16, 2013

We had a problem with our hot water heater at the restaurant and gave Nathan's a call on my way to work. He
was there less than 2 hours later and had the repair completed in under 30 minutes. He was quick,
professional, and reasonably priced. I would recommend him for your next plumbing issue!

Stephanie H. Round Rock, TX
We needed a new hot water heater and after calling numerous plumbers, we decided to have Nathan address
our problem due to his mannerism and knowledge.  Boy, were we glad!  Not only did Nathan and Chris fix our
problem efficiently and professionally, Nathan took the time to look at our air conditioner system (free of
charge) that required another company to come out. He showed us what needed to be done the next time, so
we wouldn't have to call any one to fix it!  We have used Nathan and Chris for all our plumbing needs
including moving a drain pipe to another wall and re-setting a toilet.  We couldn't be happier.  Both jobs were
done exceptionally well.  Both Nathan and Chris are professional, efficient and fairly priced.  I'm happy to say
we no longer have to shop for a plumber when we need one!!

Derek N. Round Rock, TX
Nathan has helped us with bathtub, shower, toilet and faucet leaks, and changed out our hot water heater.
Gave me advice on how-to and tools I need to shut down main water and gas, better use of water drainage to
the street, and how to save money and trouble later. Gets it right the first time every time, and prices are
lower than I expect - less than the other guys. Can't recommend him enough - I give him 10 stars on a scale
of 5.

Lynne C. Austin, TX
Nathan is so easy to work with.  He goes out of his way to make sure you're satisfied and the job is done

Sanjay T. Round Rock, TX
Nathan is great guy!
I used him to install my Kenmore water softener and he did excellent job at reasonable price. In fact he has
gone above and beyond to put that appliance in place.
His service and attitude both these qualities are great.

T H. Austin, TX
I have used Nathan's plumbing for years now...on my personal property and rental properties. I highly
recommend him.  He gets the job done right the first time and has always been honest and upfront about what
needs done at a reasonable price.  Nathan is the guy to call if you have a plumbing is
sure...good local guy!  I have no reservations in recommending him.

Ross R. Austin,TX
They came, they saw, it wasn't what they expected (it was worse) and they didn't run away, make their price
unreasonable, get mad, or do any of the other things you might have expected. They just fixed it, negotiated
fairly for the unplanned part (by which I mean, they gave me a fair deal.

We recommend Nathan and company highly.
Call  512-913-3680